All-Over Sublimation

Our All-Over Print t-shirt has an awesome fashion fit with a little bit of added length. 

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Why Dye Sublimation

All-over printing

Sublimation allows for full coverage printing, meaning you can print edge-to-edge designs across the entire product. 


Dye-sublimation prints are resistant to cracking, peeling, and fading, and can even be washed repeatedly without degradation.

Vibrant colors

Sublimation printing can produce high-quality, full-color images with a wide range of colors.  This makes it a great choice for creating photorealistic images or designs with a lot of detail.


With dye sublimation, there will be some inconsistencies that occur from print to print. As an example, white wrinkles may appear. These types of imperfections typically happen along seams, collars, and/or around the armpit area.  In addition, “ghosting” can occur where dye gas settles into surrounding elements within the design; and may result in unintentional color shadowing within the design. These factors are minimal, and should it occur, it will truly make your garment one of a kind. 

Because of the known and expected sublimation factors, we do not issue refunds/discounts or accept returns for orders that have these types of minimal issues.

Colour Matching Disclaimer

Sublimation printing involves printing from a solid to a gas onto a finished product.  During the process, we strive to achieve colours desired, but some variations of certain colours can and will be altered.



Colour Viewing Disclaimer

Due to many factors, we cannot guarantee that the colours displaying on the website/phone or other viewing devices will exactly match the colour of the product. Images are displayed in RGB and the product is printed in a different format. There are many variables which can change the way you “see” the colours as you view on your device. Screens are capable of displaying up to 32 million colours and the human eye can only decipher a very small fraction of those colours. Within that small fraction, we all see them differently. In addition, people’s device manufacture and settings may influence how colours are displayed depending on brightness and contrast.

Life of Colour Disclaimer

Because of how the sublimation process works, extended exposure to sun (as with anything) will eventually cause fading. Many of our products have an extra UV coating added to them to slow down this process. We want your product to look great for as long as possible and do our best to ensure they will.

End Product Design Proof

Colours on the proof image may vary on the actual product. The design proof has been created according to the customers specifications. Small variations from original design may occur. It is the FULL responsibility of the buyer to check spelling errors, logo placement, etc. By approving the art work it’s the buyers confirmation that they have checked the above.


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