Raise Money and Support Your Cause by selling t-shirts

Get Started in Minutes.    •    Risk Free! No Inventory. No Worries.      •     Get Everyone Involved

Design Your Shirt

Set Your Campaign Date,

Goal, and Profit Margin

Share Your Story

Collect Your Proceeds

Choose from thousands of clipart and fonts to create a design that

says it all! Quick tip, to maximize your profits, keep your design

colors to a minimum. Designs on the front with 3 colors or less

are suggested.

You can determine how much you want to make, how many shirts

you want to sell, and how long you want your fundraising

campaign to last?

Share your fundraising link with everyone in your social

communities and ask them to do the same.

After your campaign your funds will be directly deposited

into your PayPal account or a check will be mailed.

Q: How long does it take for the order to be completed?

Q: Will the order be shipped to me or my customers?

Q: What if sales are slow and my campaign is NOT working?

Q: What if I only sell 1 shirt?

Orders will be completed within 12 business days from the date your campaign ended.

Orders will be shipped directly to your customers. You (campaign coordinator) DO NOT have to worry about distributing the shirts UNLESS you select for the entire order to come to you.

You can always go back and tweak the design or simply pitch the campaign and start all over! There is no obligation! In fact, can start a gazillion campaigns if you want! Ok, we know that’s not a real # but you get the point.

We hope that doesn’t happen but hey anything is possible! We will complete the order, however should the costs associated with producing a shirt exceed the minimum retail price you will NOT receive any cash.

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